(Sorted roughly by awesomeness)

Do Me a Favor (iPhone app)

For my senior capstone (SCOPE) project I built an location-based social todo list for iOS. The primary purpose of building this app was to test a backend service developed by our corporate sponsor, and to provide continual feedback on this service. During the course of this project, I learned in iOS development for the first time, and served as tech lead of my 5 person team.

Directed Graphs and Knots

Designed an original algorithm to find knots in directed graphs, and applied this algorithm to an analysis of Wikipedia. Final report was published as Chapter 13 of "Think Complexity".

Movie Review Summarizer

Using methodologies from NLP, we developed and implemented an algorithm for finding the sentence in a movie review which best summarizes that review.

Trampoline Simon

Interfaced 4 trampolines with a computer, such that jumps were interpreted as keypresses. Created 2 games that could be controlled by the trampolines. One game was a "Simon Says" type game which could tested the player's memory; the other was a "Whack-A-Mole" game which tested the player's agility.

Dark Worlds

Entered the "Dark Worlds" competition sponsored by Kaggle. Developed an algorithm to predict the position of dark matter in a sky, based on the ellipticity of galaxies in the sky. Our solution performed better than the algorithm currently used by astronomers.

The Music Map

Working with 3 friends over an 18 hour period at HackMIT, wrote an app which allows users to select music they're interested in listening to, based on a visualization of similarities between different artists. We came in 2nd place in the hackathon!

Bingo Night

Frogger-like game in which the player tries to help an old woman cross the street, so that she could make it to bingo night. Built with Python.

Android phone as a mouse

Tried to use an Android phone as a mouse for a Linux computer. Phone transmitted accelerometer data via WiFi, and a C program which receives this data and translates it into pointer motion. This project was one of the most technically challenging that I've worked on at Olin.


Looks-like/works-like prototype of a course-planning website for Olin, Babson, and Wellesley students. Specifically designed to make it easier for students to cross-register between the three students, as there's currently no easy way of getting all this information in one place


User-Oriented Collaborative Design (UOCD) is a required class at Olin, in which students spend a full semester learning to design for a specific user group. The end goal was to create a product which would be technologically feasible in 10-20 years. We studied the needs of people with tattoos, which included conducting user interviews, developing user personas identifying areas of opportunity and co-designing with users. Final product was a foam prototype of a gadget that allows users to modify or hide their tattoos.

Hex Fog

Wanted to use this stylesheet, I found online but couldn't easily figure out how many colors were present, or which color each hexcode corresponded to. Created a simple web app which can parse colors out of long stylesheet